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Commercial law is a broad term that covers a wide variety of legal issues relating to business and commercial matters. Our experienced commercial lawyers can assist you with commercial matters ranging from bespoke contacts, business conveyancing, recovering debt from customers or debtors, drafting Letters of Demand to advising you on the best, cost-effective course of action to resolve your dispute.

Business Law

Business law deals with all aspects of your business and how it operates. It may involve setting up your business, drafting contracts both for your employees, and for your customers or partners. It can involve shareholder agreements, disputes and rights, merging businesses or consolidating various departments within your business. Business lawyers will also generally assist you with commercial property and real estate. This may be entering into or breaking a commercial lease, resolving issues with your landlord, or performing due diligence on a commercial property purchase.

Commercial Law

Commercial law on the other hand, tends to cover the more intricate sides of your business or commercial endeavours. It is prudent to seek legal advice when you are selling and distributing goods and services, or are requiring financing for certain commercial endeavours. Commercial finance is a particularly complex area of law where it is prudent to perform due diligence. This ensures your business is able to undertake financially viable commitments, and your commercial lawyer can advise you if you are exposing yourself or your business to any risks.

SGM can assist you with (but not limited to)

Drafting and reviewing legal documentation relating to your business or dispute

Preparing legal documentation to mitigate your loss and help prevent a potential legal dispute

If you are in a legal dispute, we can assist you in resolving the dispute your interests are first priority

Drafting and preparing Deeds of Company Agreements

Drafting and preparing Purchase and Sale of Business Contracts

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